Social Class

Helping make your dog part of the family

The importance of socialising

While all of the aspects of a group obedience class can be covered in home visits, and to a higher standard; the one element of a class that people might feel their dog would miss out on is the socialising.

Socialising with other dogs is vital for your dog. If you do not socialise your dog as early as possible once vaccinations are complete, behavioural problems could result. In time it may become difficult to walk your dog past other dogs without him or her reacting. This could just potentially be from over excitement or frustration, but fear or aggression could also be an outcome, due to a lack of social skills. This can be very stressful for both the owner and dog. Dogs are social animals and need to mix with other dogs regularly to avoid these possible scenarios.

Class details

If you have difficulty meeting with other dog owners Pet Problems runs weekly 45 minute socialising classes in Navan that you could attend! Your puppy or dog will learn how to play and interact safely and positively with other dogs. Have a chat with other dog owners while tiring yours out and feel free to ask me any training questions during class!

This class is outdoors and is on Thursdays at 7pm from April until October.

From October until April class is on Tuesdays at 12pm . The cost is €10 per dog, €15 for 2 dogs from the same household. 

You need to book your place each week by responding to the weekly WhatsApp text, so if you are interested in attending please contact me first for all the class information and so I have your contact number. The class is pay as you go so if it does not suit one week to attend there is no need to respond to the text.

Class is book in only, people who turn up without notice cannot attend. I must assess all dogs after gaining some information first to see if your dog is suitable for the class.

Your dog can be on lead or off depending on how good their recall is! The class is mainly for dogs that have had some form of previous socialisation, training and are good with other dogs. So while these socialising classes are suitable in helping to calm down an over excited puppy or help relax a slightly nervous, apprehensive rescue dog; they are not suitable for reactive or fearful dogs. These dogs will need a behavioural consultation first, then socialising will come after.

Any dog owners who wish to attend where I have not worked with the dog previously will have an initial assessment social class to ensure they will benefit from the class and that their dog is suitable for the group.

Just to note....

*Your dog must be fully vaccinated to attend, and neutered if over 9 months (12 months for larger breeds) of age. 

*You must bring poo bags and clean up after your own dog.

*Be responsible and always ask other dog owners if it is ok to approach their dog before letting your own dog pull you over and into their space! Do not allow your dog to jump all over another dog.

*If your dog is excitable please give them a short walk before the class.

*Please wait a few moments at the start of class to let your dog off the lead until told it's ok.

*If your dog is not listening to you and invading other dogs space persistently you will be asked to put them on the lead.

Other socialising is recommended for puppies from as young an age as possible once vaccinations are complete. Take your puppy to various environments, to meet other animals, various people, public noisy places and on public transport if possible to avoid any future fear of an unfamiliar object, person, animal, stimuli etc.