Home Visits; a more personal approach to dog training

Instead of having to travel to a venue with your dog, I will come to your home and have a one on one consultation with you. Where usually the inappropriate behaviour takes place! *This will be outside in your garden until restrictions ease with covid*

The first visit will be an assessment where I will come and meet the owner and the dog to observe their behaviour and determine their training needs and see how they relate to their environment, owners, and myself. I will ask questions regarding the dog’s history, routine, exercise, diet, behavioural issues etc. This takes about 30-40 minutes.

I return the following week with a training/behavioural modification plan explaining the psychology of your dogs behaviour, the causes of any problems and outlining how to react to your dog’s behaviour and subsequently change the dog’s reactions/behaviour, diet, routine or environment in a positive way.
I will talk you through everything you need to know to stop unwanted behaviour and start a more positive and rewarding relationship with your dog.
None of my methods are based around punishment, it is all positive reinforcement training. 

Practical Appointments

These will then be followed by any practical appointments the owner requires to be physically shown how to train their dog or change their dog’s behaviour and perception of various stimuli (other dogs, strangers, loud noises etc.). These appointments are about 45 minutes long and can be spaced out over whatever time period suits the client (once a week or every 2 weeks etc.). 

All methods used are positive.

If you want a higher level of obedience from your dog; then the one to one sessions will be of more benefit to you and your dog than a group obedience course. Recall and lead work are the most popular training requested by clients to be covered. Especially when out walking if a client has a dog that is reacting to other dogs - this can be stressful and embarrassing but can be stopped!

Your pet will excel in this training environment, where they are most comfortable...home.

Just make sure you bring your pup to plenty of different places and socialise them with other dogs, cats, different animals, children, adults, cars and various environments etc.

To Note:

One to one appointments can really help if you want obedience - your dog might find it hard to focus due to behavioural problems. It is not a good idea to take an unbalanced, aggressive, nervous or overexcited dog to an obedience training course as the underlying issue is behavioural and they will not tend to take in any obedience commands - especially if they suffer from dog aggression. So please consider a behavioural consultation first.

For a list of training and behavioural problems covered please see below.


Pet Problems is based on the belief that the clients' (and dogs!) needs are of the utmost importance. This service is committed to meeting those needs, and achieving the results you want. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat clients, referrals from clients, local pet stores and vets.

I deal with many behavioural problems and training such as;

·       puppy problems

·       toilet training

·       crate training

·       obedience training

·       recall

·       lead work

·       reactions towards other dogs on the walk

·       lack of socialisation

·       problems between dogs in same home

·       separation anxiety

·       fearful/nervous behaviour

·       resource guarding

·       general aggression; people/dogs

I have recently completed a course in Assistance Dog Training in relation to training dogs to support individuals with autism and perform tasks for individuals with physical impairments; I look forward to starting this training with clients very soon! 

See for yourself on my Testimonial page, all the happy clients and reformed dogs!!

I would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best behavioural and training service in the industry.

Call 087 4141558 to book an assessment!

My own 2 dogs; Zak and Kayla

Loving the sun and swimming as always!