Helping make your dog part of your family

Pet Problems aim is to provide you with whatever training or behavioural modification your pet needs. The result will be a happier home with a more obedient and well adjusted pet!

Pet Problems was established 15 years ago by Dog Behaviourist; Lydia Finnegan, who has a BSc (Bachelor of Science) Hons Degree in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training and a HND (Higher National Diploma) in Animal Care - Zoology & Behavioural Science, along with 21 years practical experience and has trained over 800 dogs! 

Lydia is also a canine nutritional advisor and has an in-depth knowledge of how diet impacts a dogs behaviour.

Lydia has recently completed a course in Assistance Dog Training with Elista Education, accredited by I.A.C.E (Institute for Animal Care Education). The aim of completing this specific course is to help families train a dog to gain certain autism assistance abilities and to train dogs to help with physical disability tasks.

'If you're like me, your pets have become part of the family. Therefore you don't want a problematic or unhappy family pet....you want an easy life with a well-trained, content pet. That's exactly what the purpose of Pet Problems is!'


Next Steps...

Please feel free to contact Pet Problems on 087 4141558 or by using the contact form below if you would like some detailed information on home visits and fees!